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Being a part of the Temporary Accommodations rental network connects hotel managers and landlords to local residents and their families in need of emergency housing.

Partner Properties
At Temporary Accommodations our passion for housing goes beyond finding the perfect temporary house for each displaced family. TA is truly invested in working with communities to help provide housing stability for families in need.

Whether it’s for one night or thirty, TA books and pays for hotel stays so families affected by disasters can avoid the upfront costs. We work with both large national chains and small individual hotels to ensure our clients have the best options to choose from.

Single-family Homes
Our property database contains thousands of rental properties in the US that are willing to negotiate short-term leases for families relying on Temporary Accommodations for temporary relocation.

On-Site Housing
Families that want to stay on their property during repairs have the option of a travel trailer, RV, or mobile home delivered to their property for the duration of their insurance claim.

Apartment Communities
Apartment communities are often the most convenient option for families in metropolitan areas. Apartment options come furnished or unfurnished and we usually have the option to add utilities when they are covered by the home insurance policy.

Our Hotel Process
  1. New Housing Request Submitted
  2. TA CareTAkers Reach Out to Policyholder
  3. TA Coordinates Hotel Check-in
  4. TA Pays Upfront Costs for Room and Tax
  5. TA Extends Hotel Stay Until a Home is Ready
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Our Housing Process
  1. New Housing Request Submitted
  2. TA CareTAkers Reach Out to Policyholder
  3. TA Sends Temporary Housing Options to Adjuster
  4. Policyholder Views Adjuster-approved Options
  5. Policyholder Chooses and Moves into Housing
  6. TA Pays for Upfront Costs and Assists Until Move-Out
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