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Disaster Response

Disaster-ResponseCatastrophes are something Sedgwick is prepared for year-round. When disaster is imminent, we buckle down and put preparation into action. Our team is one of the first to respond and typically the last to leave a catastrophic situation. We assist survivors until they are able to move home and return to whatever normalcy they can.

Our program

Sedgwick’s temporary housing CAT response team is deployed when a serious disaster has taken place and housing services are needed. Our team takes the upmost care when responding to ensure we are safe and supportive. When we respond to any disaster, we follow national agencies safety guidelines and precautions.

First response
Speed and agility are extremely important when responding to catastrophes. We offer timely support at every step of the temporary housing process.

Expert logistics
Moving your team into place safely is a science. Our team is unique in how we use industry data to determine needs before they become apparent.

Catered support
With decades of experience assisting a range of insurance carriers, our team customizes our support plan to the carriers we partner with.

Lasting contact
Months, if not years, go by before Sedgwick fully leaves a catastrophe behind, and even then, our service leaves a lasting impression on the communities in which we work.