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Corporate Relocation

Two corporate employees looking out a large glass window from their skyscraperWhen business facilities are unusable the loss of revenue can begin immediately. Finding a new facility quickly is crucial to stave off the total potential losses. Sedgwick’s temporary housing corporate relocation team specializes in locating like, kind, and quality business facilities so businesses can get back to work faster.

Commercial placement
Sedgwick helps carriers mitigate their policyholder’s loss of revenue by speeding up the relocation process. We identify the best commercial building options that allow companies to maintain service levels and avoid business interruption.

Office furniture
Sedgwick’s office furniture packages include a variety of desk and chair combinations as well as filing cabinets and bookcases. Be aware that specialty items (such as salon chairs or medical exam tables) may not always be available.

Minimize business interruption
Having a professional relocation team assisting your clients helps minimize the interruption to their business and provides a normal transition process for employees and employers. Sedgwick’s temporary housing corporate relocation team focuses on size, location, and function, to identify the most viable options for the needs of every company.

Business amenities
The facility amenities employees and employers are used to can affect their day-to-day performance. Our corporate relocation team keeps track of the amenities available to employees to ensure schedule adjustments are minimal and employee work habits remain consistent.