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TA-ClaimTrakClaimTrak provides property adjusters an easy, intuitive platform to view, and take action on, housing claims being handled by Sedgwick’s temporary housing division. Submit new housing requests or respond to hotel and housing extension requests on existing claims. Within ClaimTrak you can also approve temporary housing options, view claim expenses and much more. Whether you’re on your computer or mobile device, ClaimTrak is the most efficient way for property adjusters to handle housing claims with Sedgwick.


Take action
Submit, track, and manage claims online from your desktop or any mobile device. Approve hotel and housing extension requests, review and approve housing options, and download final invoices for payment.

View placements
Access Google maps tools to view the locations of policyholders address of loss, temporary hotel, and long-term property options. Easily calculate travel distance for reimbursements.

Team claim access
Safely share access to your claim data with teammates, temporarily transfer claim ownership, or reassign a claim to a teammate. Managers can be given access to all claim data for their team’s housing claims.

Custom confirmations
Set customized email, text, and voice memo notifications from more than twenty claim-action items, such as policyholder hotel or housing extension requests.

Manage claims online
Access all your claim data from any desktop or mobile device, and view real-time progress on your claims with Sedgwick.

View notes
View time-stamped claim notes detailing every interaction your policyholder has with our team, and add notes directly into our internal system, to be viewed by all Sedgwick’s temporary housing division colleagues.

ClaimTrak is mobile

man on mobile phone walking down the street

  • Mobile friendly site
  • Faster than comparable apps
  • Nothing to download/take up space on your device
  • Easily switch to mobile notifications
  • 24/7 ClaimTrak user support
  • Encrypted data for maximum security