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Our Passion

Our-PassionOur mission is to serve the insurance industry and its displaced policyholders. We do this by providing the fastest, most convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable temporary housing. Our passion is to offer strength and stability to all communities in need.

Sedgwick’s temporary housing division is committed to giving back to our community and empowering our employees to do the same. We focus on being socially and environmentally responsible while finding creative ways to incorporate our values and mission into community service initiatives. Employees are also encouraged to participate in regular company service projects throughout the year.

Care Bears
mother and young child relaxing next to a teddy bear with a stay strong shirtSedgwick colleagues are committed to reducing policyholder stress during the relocation process. Children are particularly vulnerable to the trauma that property loss can cause. While each child will react differently based upon the circumstances and his or her age and background, the likelihood of some degree of negative impact on their sense of well-being and security is high. In addition to providing caring service to our policyholders, so that they can focus more on their loved ones, we also strive to provide the comforts of home. The Care Bear Program was started to give comfort to children displaced by a disaster. Housing Coordinators spend countless hours on the phone with the homeowners they work to relocate, and much of this time is spent getting to know their individual needs. With the homeowner’s permission, we send our plush “STAY STRONG” teddy bear to children of any age when they move into their Sedgwick’s temporary housing division. These bears comfort children long after they’ve moved out of temporary housing and back home with their families.

Hygiene for the Homeless
TA Cares employees volunteering in Stay Strong shirtsHygiene for the Homeless started as a plan to provide homeless women in Atlanta with feminine hygiene products and quickly expanded into a larger project. Since 2017, Sedgwick’s temporary housing division has collected travel-sized personal hygiene products and then assembled these products into care packages for Atlanta’s homeless. It is easy to overlook the importance of such items when you have regular access to hot running water and the means to purchase things like soap and toothpaste: it is something that most of us, innocently, take for granted. This project has benefitted the neediest members of our community and helped us fulfill our goal of creating stronger communities.

The Renand Foundation
The Renard Foundation children with their hands rasiedAs an official partner of the Renand Foundation, Sedgwick’s temporary housing division provides support to communities in Haiti. In 2020, Sedgwick’s temporary housing divisionbecame an international provider of temporary housing services when we entered the Canadian insurance market. At the same time, we looked outside our countries borders to find a cause that would align with our core mission of helping communities in need. Haiti is one of the poorest and neediest countries. The Renand Foundation builds schools, homes, and medical clinics, and provides training and resources for farms and small businesses. Their mission is to create sustainable communities that can support children in an effort to end human trafficking in Haiti. Sedgwick’s temporary housing division is proud to help them on this mission!

Habitat for Humanity
group of volunteers working on a Habitat for Humanity buildSince 2009, Sedgwick’s temporary housing division has volunteered as a company with our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Each year our initiative grows and more Sedgwick colleagues from our division join our volunteer projects and bring their friends and family. Helping build homes in our community is rewarding for us as a company because we not only get to see the impact of our efforts but also get to bond as a team outside of our office! In 2014 Sedgwick’s temporary housing division was awarded the coveted “Golden Hammer” award for our continuous support of Habitat for Humanity. We’re honored to be a part of this organization and to spend time each year working to build stronger communities as a team.