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Fair Rental Values

Clip board with lease agreement and keys on it with money, glasses, and a pen on a tableSedgwick’s temporary housing division provides fair rental value estimates to property adjusters free of charge. We use real-time housing market data to determine the true fair rental value of your policyholder’s property so you can determine the best path forward for your claims.

Detailed property analysis
Details matter. Does the property have a swimming pool? A tennis court? Is the home in a gated community or within walking distance of a dog park? We take a comprehensive look at all the details of a particular property before we begin calculating a fair rental value estimate.

Localized estimates
Location is one of the most influential factors in determining the value of a property. That’s why our team hyper-focuses on the exact zip code and neighborhood properties are located in to calculate our estimates.

Time-sensitive turnaround
We know when adjusters need a fair rental value they need it fast! That’s why we use sophisticated technology to calculate the most accurate fair rental value estimate typically in 30 – 45 minutes.

Actionable evaluations
Our professional evaluation of the fair rental value for a property can help move claims forward faster by giving property adjusters the information they need to handle their home insurance claims efficiently.

Quote to claim
All fair rental value estimates are securely stored with necessary claim data so our team can move the assignment from quote to searching for temporary housing at the first request.