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Training and Resources

Training-and-ResourcesWhile we always look for character and work ethic in our new employees, our training is rigorous to ensure everyone at Sedgwick is prepared for the challenges we will face.

Stress management
Sedgwick’s temporary housing division colleagues are trained to manage their own stress and the stress of all stakeholders in a claim so the most sensible housing decision is made every time.

Conflict resolution
While our goal is to avoid any conflicts during the temporary relocation process, if they arise, we ensure our employees can help reach a satisfactory resolution for everyone.

Lease negotiation
Most people are uncomfortable negotiating but we train our employees to strongly advocate for the needs of the families we serve while treating every landlord as fair as possible.

Customer service
Out customers come first, and we stay available 24/7/365 for the policyholders that rely on our service, and the adjusters behind every claim.

Dr. Raymond Shelton’s 8 stress management tips for property claims professionals

man smiling with arms crossed while people sit in the background

  • Listen to your body
  • Have the strength to let go
  • Avoid rigid, narrow thinking
  • Exercise
  • Maintain a life beyond the job
  • Stop biting the hooks
  • Take the time to laugh
  • Set expectations based in reality

Stress management tips from Sedgwick

Dr. Raymond Shelton
Dr. Shelton is a Fellow and Director of Professional Development with the National Center for Crisis Management, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. He serves on the Board of Scientific and Professional Advisory for the Institute for Traumatic Stress. Dr. Shelton provides consultation, development and training to the emergency services, corporate, industrial, medical and education community in the area of Stress Management, Crisis, Trauma and Violence. He further serves as an Executive Consultant to the insurance industry regarding traumatic stress during catastrophic events. Dr. Shelton is an international conference presenter and provides direct consultation and training to the Trauma Support Center in England.

Dr. Shelton is the author of the book EMS Stress, An Emergency Responders Handbook for Living Well (Mosby Publications, 1994), Acute Traumatic Stress Management (American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, 2001) and Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management (American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress 2005). Dr. Shelton further served on the American Hospital Associations Ad Hoc Committee on Major Transportation Carrier Disasters in developing the report – Major Transportation Carrier Disasters: Improving Response and Coordination, 1991. Dr. Shelton’s articles on Traumatic Stress and Crisis have been published in the Claims and Claimsman Magazines.

Dr. Shelton doesn’t only work with temporary insurance housing companies. He develops and trains hospital, corporate, insurance industry, industrial, emergency service, clergy and educator based trauma response teams. He is also regularly providing training to the mental health community regarding Traumatic Incident Stress Management.

Trained to take care

At Sedgwick’s temporary housing division, our passion for housing goes beyond finding the perfect temporary house for each displaced family. Sedgwick is truly invested in making the most of Additional Living Expense budgets so both policyholders and adjusters can relax during property claims. Disasters affect more than just policyholders; they affect you as well. Pre-planning for an effective catastrophe deployment is essential, and as you know, there’s little time to get everything done. With our comprehensive catastrophe services and training offerings, Sedgwick can immediately jump in to help ready you when disaster strikes. Sedgwick’s decades of experience providing adjusters with emergency housing will enable you to scratch that time-consuming and cumbersome process off of your list.