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PetsTemporary housing for pets
At Sedgwick we understand that pets are often a part of the family. Our team specializes in negotiating lease terms to allow pets and their parents to stay close after a disaster.

Hotel policies for pets
Major hotel brands typically allow two pets per room. When pet fees are applied to a hotel stay it is up to the property adjuster assigned to the claim to determine whether your policy covers those fees. If it’s impractical for a family’s pets to accompany them to a hotel or short-term rental during their temporary relocation, Sedgwick arranges pet boarding to be billed in conjunction with a claim’s hotel stay.

Aggressive breed canines
Many hotels and landlords restrict certain breeds of dogs considered aggressive from staying in their property. Sometimes the decision of whether to accept certain breeds of dogs is out of a landlord’s hands.
Sedgwick negotiates lease terms for every temporary stay. The following breeds are commonly considered aggressive and may be banned from certain properties: German shepherds, Pitt bull terriers, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Cane Corso, Staffordshire terriers, Doberman pinschers, and Akitas. It’s important to not get discouraged when dealing with breed restrictions. Sedgwick is always transparent with both policyholders and landlords as to what pets will be living in the property and works to reach mutually agreeable terms for both parties whenever negotiating short-term leases.

Livestock and farm animals
When large animals are an integral part of a homeowner’s life or livelihood, Sedgwick works to ensure temporary housing is feasible. Many homeowners that live on farms, or have livestock on their property find it more sensible to have temporary mobile housing placed on their properties. Sedgwick has many travel-trailer and RV options across the country to ensure our team is prepared to find a solution for any challenge.

Small pets and caged animals
Property owners have complete discretion over whether or not they allow pets to live in their homes. In most rental markets a typical lease will allow for a maximum of two pets per household no matter what size. Sedgwick knows keeping a family together can also mean keeping pets with the family. When a displaced homeowner has more than two pets our housing coordinators work to get approval from the prospective landlord before presenting the short-term rental as an option.