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Rural Housing

couple sitting outside a travel trailer with their golden retrieverSedgwick’s temporary housing division provides housing solutions in all fifty states. We are the experts in finding housing in remote areas of the country, and we have a variety of options for families outside of metropolitan or suburban areas.

Remote property database
Our temporary housing database contains thousands of short-term rental properties, in almost every zip code in America. We work directly with landlords and property managers in remote areas and ensure their homes meet our quality standards.

Onsite housing
Some families who prefer to stay on their own property may have the option of having onsite housing delivered to their loss address for temporary use.

Travel trailers
The most common option for onsite housing is non-motorized travel trailers (sometimes called fifth wheels). These trailers range from 13 to 40 feet in length and offer up to two bedrooms with sleeping space for seven. All travel trailers used between September and March are winterized for comfort.

Recreational vehicles
A less common option for rural housing needs is motorized recreational vehicles (RVs). While typically less comfortable than a travel trailer, RVs have the added flexibility of being able to move from one place to the other.

Extended hotel stay
When all rural housing options have been deemed insufficient for a policyholder our team works with the best hotel options in the area to provide additional discounts and amenities to an extended hotel stay guests.