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Temporary Accommodations is now Sedgwick’s temporary housing division.

Whether accommodations are needed for one night or one year — our team can help insurance carriers and their policyholders secure housing and address concerns throughout the entire claims process. Sedgwick’s temporary housing division has the unique training, experience, and technology resources to strategically manage temporary housing on behalf of corporate clientele responsible for the relocation of their customers after an accident or disaster. Our network of hotel brands and short-term housing options ensure we provide quality temporary housing with the best lease terms when it matters most.



Our temporary housing division partners with landlords and property management groups across the country and negotiates customized lease terms for displaced policyholders based on the expected housing repair times and fair rental value estimates for the policyholder’s loss. Our team coordinates furniture, housewares, and appliances, and when appropriate, flexible, on-site housing in all fifty states.

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Catastrophe response logistics
As part of the insurance industry’s first response to disasters, we assist people from the moment they need support until the moment contractors finish rebuilding their home. Some disasters are imminent so our team is prepared year-round to scale up your response and make responding to catastrophes easier.

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Fair rental value estimate
To help you decide the best path for your claims, we use real-time housing market data to determine fair rental value of your policyholder’s property. All estimates are securely stored with necessary claim data so our team can move the assignment from the quote to search phase at a moment’s notice.

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About Sedgwick’s temporary housing division

Sedgwick’s acquisition of Temporary Accommodations is complete and our temporary housing services have integrated into Sedgwick’s suite of property solutions. Sedgwick specializes in catastrophic and complex losses, commercial and residential property and contents losses. We have a global network of claims managers and adjusters with extensive experience managing catastrophe claims, an on-demand workforce able to scale up and assist with field inspections and loss adjusting assignments when needed, and support services such as building consulting, repair solutions and temporary housing assistance. We mobilize our resources to quickly respond and help clients resolve claims and restore their infrastructure and livelihood. You can learn more about all of our property services by visiting our website.