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TA Care Bears

Care Bear

TA CareTAkers are committed to reducing policyholder stress during the relocation process. Children are particularly vulnerable to the trauma that property loss can cause. While each child will react differently based upon the circumstances and his or her age and background, the likelihood of some degree of negative impact on their sense of well-being and security is high. In addition to providing caring service to our policyholders, so that they can focus more on their loved ones, we also strive to provide the comforts of home. The TA Care Bear Program was started to give comfort to children displaced by a disaster. Housing Coordinators spend countless hours on the phone with the homeowners they work to relocate, and much of this time is spent getting to know their individual needs. With the homeowner's permission, we send our plush “STAY STRONG” teddy bear to children of any age when they move into their temporary accommodations. These bears comfort children long after they’ve moved out of temporary housing and back home with their families.