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The Economic Impact on Temporary Housing Claims

Last year at this time did you expect the major changes on Wall Street or the massive intervention in the markets by the federal government? Everyone knows someone who has been affected, and many are blaming careless risk-taking and poor lending practices in the home mortgage market. 

Winning the Identity-Theft War with Safeguards Built Into ALE

The very last thing any displaced family in the Gulf after Hurricane Katrina, or in Kansas after a tornado, or in Florida after a natural catastrophe needs to hear is, “I’m sorry, now your ID has also been com-prised.” And while many in the insurance industry, including its service providers, dedicate themselves to making a difference when their customers need it most, another less predictable threat than the weather patterns that brought us Category 5 hurricanes expose already-battered families to yet an-other hardship—that of identity theft.