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Understanding Pet Insurance and Animal Liability for Homeowners

Americans love pets. Two out of every three households in the US own a pet. This equates to over eighty-five million people. Pets offer companionship that is unmatched by any other. The relational bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, reduce stress, and add joy to their owners. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) notes that owning a pet has many health benefits. These include the below list.


Health Benefits from Owning a Pet:

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Decreased cholesterol levels

The Adjuster's Guide to Personal Cyber Insurance

As technology has become increasingly integrated into people's lives, the risks that sensitive personal data could be compromised, including Social Security numbers and bank and credit card information, have continued to rise. The theft of personal data can have severe financial consequences, with cybercrimes affecting individuals costing them over $4,000 on average.


Seven Steps to Perfect Property Claims

Property adjusters have a tough job. Achieving customer satisfaction while also trying to minimize claim costs is a difficult task. Insurance company managers can help their adjusters by providing a playbook for success. This looks different at various insurers; however, below we offer a few tips that may help in establishing a standard of care for adjusters. This guide should help insurers improve their customer satisfaction statistics. Below are seven steps to consider in pursuit of property claims perfection.


Home Modifications for Short-Term Rental Properties

Short-term rentals are the new wave for travel-enthusiasts. They’ve offered more options for people interested in experiencing the true feel of new places and they offer a much larger range of prices that make travel accessible to a broader audience. However, in the wake of COVID-19, the travel industry has been hit hard by new safety concerns. Short-term rental landlords are struggling to find ways to make ends meet and optimize their rentals within the current vacation lull to hopefully survive the summer.


How COVID-19 Changes the Short Term Rental Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every industry on earth. The hospitality industry was perhaps the hardest hit as unnecessary travel was the very first thing to go, and is still highly discouraged in an attempt to contain the outbreak. Guest numbers dropped fast for property managers and a complete lack of room occupation ensued, causing hospitality companies to let go of a huge percentage of their staff. However, hospitality goes beyond just the hotel industry these days as many travelers prefer the comforts and privacy of short-term rentals.

Showing Sympathy While Social Distancing

When someone purchases property insurance, he or she makes a bet. Homeowners wager that if a claim occurs, then the insurance company will respond to help the customer make whole on the loss. A large portion of the client’s expectation is financial; however, the insurance adjuster’s attitude towards their customer following a loss has an even greater impact on the customer experience and overall claim satisfaction. The insurance adjuster can make or break a claim based on the way that he or she connects with a client.