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How Smart Home Technology is Influencing Home Insurance
By now, most Americans have grown accustomed to smart devices. Whether it is a smartphone or a smartwatch, we interact many times a day with some sort of smart device. These gadgets have changed the way we live providing unprecedented convenience and productivity.
Tornado Season – Are We Prepared?
On March 3, 2019, the small sleepy town of Beauregard Alabama began the day just like any other. By 2:00 pm, the chaos began. A violent long track tornado ripped through the town causing 27 fatalities and 97 injuries. By 2:30, the chaos was over. This rural community was devastated.
Hurricane Michael’s Destruction – lessons learned about evolving risks.
Hurricane Michael developed into a Category 5 storm on October 10, 2018, and made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, in the Florida Panhandle. Michael had wind speeds that just recently confirmed it as a Category 5 storm, which is likely the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Florida Panhandle.
Hotel Industry Trends for 2019: Everything You Need to Know
The value of the global hotel industry crossed $500 Billion in 2018. In the US alone, that number reached $200 Billion last year. The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. That is largely due to innovation and forward-thinking trends.
2019 and Beyond: How Will The Effects of Wildfires in California Impact the Real Estate Market?
Natural disasters are threatening to have a devastating effect on the housing market. Every year brings bigger and direr threats to communities across the country. Only so much can be done to protect your home against never-before-seen forces of nature.
Hurricane Florence: Catastrophic Flooding in the Carolinas
For the first time in decades, the Carolinas faced what was, at its peak, a major category four hurricane with the potential to rip homes from their foundations. Over a million residents were instructed to evacuate eastern North Carolina in the days leading up to the storm, finding temporary places to stay in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Atlanta or other inland cities distanced from the coast.