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Temporary Accommodations Becomes Official Partner of The Renand Foundation

Temporary Accommodations was founded twenty-five years ago to counteract the negative impact of national catastrophes and everyday disasters on the immediate safety and security of affected families. After two and a half decades of work, Temporary Accommodations has become the most trusted name in temporary housing.

Temporary Accommodations Modernizes Reimbursement Process with Self-Service Receipt Capture Technology
Temporary Accommodations, the most trusted source for temporary housing in the industry, has raised the bar for technology in the Additional Living Expense space. After introducing their policyholder self-service platform, TA InsuredTrak, early last year, Temporary Accommodations has now introduced a pioneering ‘receipt capture’ function within the platform. Their goal is to relieve an age-old headache in the P&C industry, managing reimbursable receipts.