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An Overview of Home Inventory Apps

Keeping a home inventory has come a long way from the polaroid pictures of the 90s. These days, keeping an inventory of the items in your home is much easier and more reliable. While your pictures and lists of belongings could easily get damaged, destroyed, or lost, a home inventory app opens up a world of security and cloud-based memory that ensures your home’s contents are preserved and protected.

How to Deal With Mold in Your Home

Mold damage is one of the many headaches homeowners face. Mold damage may be covered by home insurance policies if it is the result of a sudden peril, and not the result of long-term neglect. Homeowners need to prevent mold in their homes because the most common types of mold damage are not covered by insurance. Preventing mold growth in your home benefits the overall health of everyone who lives in the home, as well as the structure itself.


5 Things to Ask During a Virtual Home Tour

The world has become a less accessible place during the COVID-19 pandemic. This causes many day-to-day inconveniences, but in some situations, it can cause major life issues. Moving to a new home, for example, is not typically a process you would voluntarily undertake when you can’t tour homes. But unfortunately, people sometimes have no choice. Fires, water damage, and many other disasters can befall a home and leave a family displaced, despite the pandemic, leaving them with no choice but to look for a new home.

Temporary Accommodations Modernizes Reimbursement Process with Self-Service Receipt Capture Technology
Temporary Accommodations, the most trusted source for temporary housing in the industry, has raised the bar for technology in the Additional Living Expense space. After introducing their policyholder self-service platform, TA InsuredTrak, early last year, Temporary Accommodations has now introduced a pioneering ‘receipt capture’ function within the platform. Their goal is to relieve an age-old headache in the P&C industry, managing reimbursable receipts.
Volcanic Eruption Coverage for Homeowners - Shifting Ground Part 5

Volcanoes are one of the most dazzling features of landscapes on Earth. In fact, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park attracts over two million tourists each year. Though magnificent in nature, volcanoes pose real risks to people and property. The below map identifies the volcanoes that represent the most significant threat.

Mudslide, Landslide, and Avalanche Insurance - Shifting Ground Part 4

The only thing worse than sustaining home damage from a landslide, is realizing that a homeowners insurance policy will not cover the home damage. A standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover damage resulting from earth movement events such as mudslides, landslides, and avalanches. Given that property damage from this type of peril is often significant, homeowners need to understand the potential exposure for these events in order to determine if they need additional insurance.