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Wildfires in the West

Temporary Accommodations is currently monitoring forest fires raging in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and California. In Utah, the Brian Head Fire has burned over 43,000 acres. The blaze, which is only 10% contained, has caused ten different communities to evacuate. Temporary relocation may be necessary for dozens of families. Our Catastrophic Disaster team and hotel division secure the closest but safest options for victims. The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands estimate that it may take three weeks or more to fully contain the fire. Temperatures in Nevada have topped 110 degrees for ten days in a row, leading to melting road signs and trashcans, as well as dangerously dry vegetation. In Arizona, the Frye Fire has already cost $200,000 in emergency funds. Rain is not expected for several days and Governor Doug Ducey has declared a state of emergency. Evacuation orders were given to residents of four different neighborhoods in Los Angeles County after a massive wildfire was started by a traffic collision. Two people have died in the California wildfires. A total of thirteen fires are currently consuming Western parts of America.