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Temporary Accommodations Becomes Official Partner of The Renand Foundation

Temporary Accommodations was founded twenty-five years ago to counteract the negative impact of national catastrophes and everyday disasters on the immediate safety and security of affected families. After two and a half decades of work, Temporary Accommodations has become the most trusted name in temporary housing.

Caring for the communities and individuals struck by disasters has been our core objective, and throughout our journey, we’ve served first responders, weather reporters, property insurance storm teams, and hundreds of thousands of families that lost their homes. Still, TA is always looking for more ways to give back. In the past year, Temporary Accommodations’ growth has allowed us to focus more on giving back. We are excited to announce our partnership with the Renand Foundation to improve the sustainability of communities in one of the most turbulent countries on earth. To kick off our new partnership, Temporary Accommodations has donated $30,000 to help build the community's fifth school. 

The Renand Foundation is an organization dedicated to creating sustainable communities in an effort to end human trafficking. Their work is focused on providing essential healthcare, shelter, and educational resources to communities in Haiti where the Government does not allocate enough resources to effectively fight human trafficking. This foundation was started in 2015 by Dr. Andis Tamayo, EdD. After he first learned of Haiti’s restavek problem.

The U.S National Library of Medicine describes restaveks as “indentured foster children, [who] are a poorly understood, vulnerable subclass of Haitian society.” Many rural families have large numbers of children and believe sending their children to a foster family will give them a better life. This however has led to more than 400,000 children in Haiti to become restaveks. The US National Library of Medicine also documents severe levels of illness among restaveks.

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The Renand Foundation began by going to these rural communities and meeting families that had children that were restaveks. Today they operate four schools, a medical clinic, a mobile clinic, and two child care centers that serve a community of 5,000 people in Haiti. They’ve built more than 30 structures, whether they’re homes, farming equipment buildings, schools, care centers, or clinics, and they provide everything from meals, clothes, PPE, and school supplies to healthcare, housing, industry training, and afterschool care for children. 

The Renand Foundation’s community is now on its way to becoming completely sustainable with programs like Chicken, Goat, and Banana farming, a seamstress working program, a cafeteria working program, a construction working program, and a banana farm. The Renand Foundation has also started a micro-loan program focused on helping single-mothers start their own businesses. New program initiatives for the foundation include a cattle farm and jewelry-making program hopefully coming in the next year.

Becoming a sustaining partner of The Renand Foundation helps achieve our mission of serving communities in need. By donating a portion of our profits to this cause, we are creating vast improvements in people's lives we will likely never meet, but are nonetheless deserving of our help. Each time an insurer chooses to work with Temporary Accommodations to locate housing for their displaced policyholders, they’re helping us support the Renand Foundation and build sustainable communities in parts of the world that need our help the most.  

You can learn more about the Renand Foundation by visiting their website, here