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Temporary Accommodations Headquarters

TA Team Growth 2017

Office Expansion

2017 has been an exciting year so far at Temporary Accommodations! We kicked off this year by tearing down walls, literally! After bringing on eighteen new employees, we expanded our office space at the beautiful Piedmont Business Center in Buckhead Atlanta.

Our new employees come from a variety of regions in the U.S. and add creative, bilingual, and compassionate skills to our team. Many of our new team members previously worked for insurance carriers, major hotel chains, or in the real estate industry. Temporary Accommodations continues to be strengthened by diversity and proven industry knowledge. The insight each new team member brings to our company makes us better prepared to serve y/our policyholders. Because we handle every stage of the temporary housing lifecycle, it is important to have a few highly trained individuals working together in a seamless claim handling process.

Temporary Accommodations is always seeking creative new problem solvers to join our hardworking team. Our headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia; however, Account Executives are stationed across the country to provide direct contact for each region we serve. Our CAT (catastrophe) response teams are similarly assigned to regions. Working consistently in the same area allows Housing Coordinators to develop networks of relationships with localized realtors for a real-time understanding of specific city housing markets.

The Temporary Accommodations Hotel Team works around the clock to track impending catastrophic disasters and reserve rooms close in safe proximity to disaster zones. In these situations, it is important to monitor national weather service announcements and projections, stay up to date on which properties have available hotel rooms with kitchens, as well as internal company data from the past 21 years of business. Temporary Accommodations has strategically responded to natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, the SoCalGas Leak, and this past year’s deadly Midwestern Tornado Cycle.

Housing Coordinators at TA are the main point of contact for both home insurance adjusters and displaced disaster victims. Our goal is to keep everyone involved on the same page throughout the claim cycle. Having one main point of contact for claim handling helps reduces both stress and room for error in the claim process. While finding the best temporary housing solutions, our team communicates clearly and efficiently with all parties involved. Housing Coordinators undergo catastrophic trauma management training so they are best prepared to work with displaced disaster victims.

TA Housing Specialists continue to manage rental properties and address rental issues that arise while disaster victims are in temporary insurance housing. Before move out of a short term rental property, we confirm the home that was damaged has been completely repaired, and if it hasn’t, we process short term lease extensions or book additional hotel stays, and prepare disaster victims for their return home. Even after move out, TA Housing Specialists follow up to ensure the policyholder’s home is, in fact, livable and any refundable deposits from the short term rental landlord are returned to the correct party.

Temporary Accommodations has already placed hundreds of families into temporary housing this year. If you would like to join our emergency housing team, check out our website for up to date job postings and submit your application and cover letter for consideration.