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Jerusalem House

Housing is Healthcare

Housing is Healthcare; the mantra of Atlanta’s Jerusalem House has been proven true time and time again. Since 1989, Jerusalem House has provided safe housing for low-income and homeless families affected by HIV/AIDS in the greater Atlanta area. As a result, 87% of tenants reported improved health and higher CD4 (T-cells) because of the services received from Jerusalem House.

Currently, this program houses 356 residents, 97 of them children. 100% of residents set one personal/professional goal and 100% of residents in the past year met that goal. “Jerusalem” means “dwelling of peace” and this multi-denominational group of caring community leaders has brought peace to so many lives in the midst of turmoil.

As a Gold Corporate Partner, Temporary Accommodations is fervently supportive of this cause and has been for years. We care about making sure there is a roof over people’s heads when they are facing a personal struggle, and this is the direction in which we focus our community involvement.

If you would like to join us in supporting this cause please visit the donation page on, or follow the link below. 

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