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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our experience has been worry and hassle-free. Everything was done in a timely manner.
Steven and Sandra, Marietta GA
They have been very helpful. I'm amazed how quick and helpful Tate has been.
Josh, Amarillo TX
TA does the hard work. This service allows you not to worry about accommodations.
Jessica, Mint Hill NC
The people at TA were so cooperative. They are very nice people!
Richard and Karen, Fallbrook CA

We would absolutely recommend TA, they're extremely responsive. Their customer service and timely responsiveness stats out to me the most.

William and Sue, Ojai CA

TA is fast. They relieved a lot of stress in a bad situation by paying our rent and furnishing the home for us.

Steve, Tucson AZ

We had good people to work with. The customer service stood out, as did the friendly, helpful people at TA.

Jack, Muse OK

TA found me a home much faster than I could. They were so compassionate and understanding of our situation and worked really well with our insurance company.

Karin, Holland MI