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What Our Customers Are Saying

"It was so easy to login and see my hotel’s address. There are more than a few hotels around us and the web app made it east to know I was going to the right hotel."

Tamika, Charlotte, NC

"TA’s service was top notch. Communication is really important to me and your team was on it from the start. I really liked having a place to track the status of our housing search in your web app, instead of calling in. Your team communication is phenomenal. Thank you, TA!"

Gregory, Salt Lake City, UT

"The text message updates throughout our claim have been really helpful reminders. I almost forgot to tell our adjuster our home repairs were delayed and we needed two more weeks in the hotel!"

Cynthia, Newark, NJ

"My experience with TA has been a good one. There have been many moving parts going on since the tree fell on our house. It’s nice to not have to call or leave voicemails for anyone and just use the InsuredTrak website. I feel more organized and like I won’t forget when I do them at my computer."

Tiffany, Charleston,SC

"The hotel accommodations we were provided were very nice. We felt taken care of and in control of where we went. The InsuredTrak app was helpful when we needed to extend our stay."

Douglas, Rockford, IL

"TA’s extension request e-mails are super convenient and easy, plus they have a description so that you know why the extension is being requested even if the insured has not contacted you directly, avoiding an extra phone call. It’s literally one click."

Claims Manager, Irving, TX

"Since I started using Temporary Accommodations, I’ve been very pleased with the communication and convenience. My customers are contacted very quickly and are kept in the loop throughout the process. If any extensions are needed the ClaimTrak link provided via email allows me to quickly and easily provide authorizations to give our customers a seamless claim experience."

Sr. Property Field Adjuster, Winston-Salem, NC

"We register all new hires for TA’s housing portal. ClaimTrak makes it easy for me to keep tabs on my team’s progress with the ALE portion of their claims. Having the ability to reassign a claim when it is transferred has been great."

Regional Field Claims Manager, Tallahassee, FL