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Jordan Provencal
Southeast Regional Account Manager

Jordan Provencal is the Southeastern Regional Account Manager at Temporary Accommodations, covering, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. She currently lives in Orlando, FL, and is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Temporary Accommodations believes that every customer deserves our utmost attention. Jordan’s role is to not only introduce new customers to our services but also serve as a lasting resource for our contacts in the property and casualty industry. Jordan’s experience in the insurance industry and her ability to listen and provide insight to customers make her an exceptional representative for Temporary Accommodations. 

After college Jordan began her first career in Business Development when she joined Baxter Restoration in Orlando. Baxter Restoration helps resolve property damage issues by restoring homes after they’ve been affected by fire, mold, water, or storm damage. Jordan worked for Baxter for almost four years. She excelled in her role and gained the admiration not only of her coworkers, but also her customers and other vendors in the insurance industry.

Jordan loves being part of a strong team. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching NFL and college football. Jordan was born in Boston, and is still a New England Patriots fan, though much of her family has moved with her to Orlando. In her free time, Jordan enjoys playing volleyball and golf, as well as volunteering with her church or going to the beach with her friends.