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Landlord FAQs

Landlord-FAQsTemporary Accommodations partners with landlords and property management groups across the country to help quickly relocate victims of property damage. We negotiate lease terms to suit the expected length of displacement and pay for rental costs while our customers are in house. Our team is available 24/7/365 and works around the clock to help families in need.

What does TA do?
Temporary Accommodations is an emergency relocation resource for property insurance adjusters. We locate, book, and pay for housing on behalf of insurance companies so policyholders won’t have to front the cost and wait on reimbursement.

What rental costs does TA cover?
TA takes all of its direction directly from a homeowner’s insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are responsible for ensuring a company’s promises to its policyholders, as written in their home insurance policy, are fulfilled to completion.

How often will you have guests stay with us?
The need for short-term rentals varies depending on the location. TA is a national company and places families into housing in all fifty states.