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Laura Delpiano
Vice President of Operations

Laura Delpiano came to TA in 2012 after working as a manager for Atlanta Vision Optical. She graduated from Georgia State University with her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Laura decided she needed to change careers and was excited to learn about the incredible opportunity to help families in need by working at Temporary Accommodations. Since joining TA, Laura has been an incredible team leader, and has greatly improved resources for our hotel team. Corporate partnerships with major hotel chains allow Temporary Accommodations to receive the lowest possible nightly rate nationwide. Since Laura joined our ’ve automated hotel extensions and checkout procedures, decreased response times, and invested more in catastrophic preparedness. Temporary Accommodations now able to provide hotel placements in as little as fifteen minutes. Laura has also made great strides in improving team diversity, social skills and team communication by modernizing new employee training and encouraging continued education and training throughout their employment. The hotel team is a precedent of efficiency, mostly due to their team leader’s exceptional organizational skills. Laura had the dream for Temporary Accommodations being the fastest provider of immediate disaster housing in the industry, and she has made that dream a reality. When claims are submitted to our internal system assigns and notifies a hotel coordinator within seconds. Laura does an exceptional job of leading TA’s biggest team.