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Kevin Drucker
Hotel Team Manager

Kevin graduated from Gwinnett Technical College with his degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management. He then worked at two Hilton properties after college before joining Temporary Accommodations in 2013 as a Hotel Coordinator. Kevin began learning about the critical relationships our company has with major hotel brands.  In 2019 Kevin was promoted to Hotel Team Manager.

Kevin trains new Caretakers and acts as the first point of contact for some of the biggest hotel brands in the country. He manages the operational and day-to-day activities of the Hotel Coordinators and Administrators. Kevin also plans and develops processes and procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of the department.

Every team at Temporary Accommodations is prepared to handle catastrophic amounts of home insurance claims. The hotel department works 24/7/365 and during natural disasters, they increase their off-hour coverage. Organization and teamwork are essential to maintaining our unapparelled level of customer service and hotel placement speed. Kevin checks in with his team every morning, helps them prioritize their to-do lists and makes sure everyone is able to devote 100% of their attention to the task at hand. When assistance is needed, Kevin steps up to make sure the job is done right every time.

Kevin meets with major hotel reps to discuss changes coming to the industry, and how Temporary Accommodations can continue to match the growth and innovation happening at some of our favorite hotel brands. His experience in customer service and his degree in hotel management give Kevin the background needed for his role, but what makes him truly successful as our Hotel Team’s Manager is Kevin’s caring heart and constant positive attitude.