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Amanda Daher
Billing Manager

Amanda Daher graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Kennesaw State University and began working for Spireon as a Senior Sales Representative, delivering powerful telematics solutions for customers managing, tracking, and protecting their most valuable assets. She joined Temporary Accommodations in 2014 because she was eager to start making a difference in the lives of families in need. Amanda has been an all-star housing coordinator since she began, delivering exceptional customer service and the TA promise of innovation at every step of the way. Internal team management is crucial to the success of any company. Our west coast disaster response team faces many challenges, but Amanda’s leadership has allowed TA to serve every policyholder we come in contact with to the absolute highest degree. Multi-tasking is a skill many possess, but few have perfected it to the level of our Billing Manager. Amanda will simultaneously process lease agreements and bill invoices, search for multiple displaced families in the same zip code, or train new hires on telecommunication standards while reinforcing operational changes to longtime employees. Our internal company database of nationwide short-term rentals is one of Temporary Accommodations most valuable assets. Amanda has been instrumental in updating our database and strengthening relationships with landlords. Her personal dream is to continue reinforcing our reputation of excellent customer service to not only the policyholders we serve but also the landlords and property management companies we partner with nationwide.

I am Inspired By: 

Those who work hard for what they believe in and are able to succeed at something they love.

When I am not Working: 

Kayaking, mountain biking, traveling, and visiting local craft breweries.