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Adam Stern
Claims Support Manager

Adam graduated from Kennesaw State University with his Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a concentration on Social and Change and a minor in Leadership Studies. Adam joined the Temporary Accommodations team in 2016 as a Hotel Coordinator and was promoted to Claims Support Manager in 2019.

While in college, Adam worked as the Program Director for an international non-profit. He helped organize and develop youth empowerment programs and events serving students and educators from more than twenty countries.

When Adam joined Team TA as a Hotel Coordinator he was focused on getting displaced families into hotel accommodations. Adam placed thousands of families into temporary housing and worked with multiple different stakeholders in the claims process including insurance adjusters, policyholders, and property managers.

In 2018, Adam was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor and was tasked with redesigning the Customer Service Training Program to better serve the needs of displaced policyholders. Adam’s work then led to the creation of our FNOL Claims Support Team and his role, Claims Support Manager. Combining skilled CareTAkers from multiple departments, the FNOL Team is available 24/7 and staffed to address any immediate housing or claim-related needs.

Adam works closely with the leads of each department to continually improve how Temporary Accommodations delivers our service. He is dedicated to the constant improvement of TA’s customer service standards and sensitivity training. Adam is excited to be on a team of talented and compassionate individuals committed to helping displaced families in their times of need and loves that he is able to help grow the Claims Support Team within TA.

When I am not Working:

When I am not working I enjoy traveling, trying new and exotic foods and wine, hiking, biking, and running, and going to the movies. I love going to new restaurants and exploring new hiking trails around the city.

I am Inspired By:

People around the world making positive change in their communities. Everybody has the power to make their corner of the world a better place by invoking positive social change by challenging the status quo. Hearing stories of these remarkable people making the world a better place is truly inspiring and inspires me to give back to my community and helping improve my corner of the world.