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Aaron Wilson

President/Chief Executive Officer

Chris Baldwin

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Leslie

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Tommy Chapman

Vice President

Laura Delpiano

Vice President of Operations

Rick Arnold

Director of National Accounts

Stephanie Hixon

Director of Housing Services

Amanda Daher

Director of Housing Support

Alanna Cannon, MBA

Financial Controller

Emily Chang

Catastrophe Services Coordinator

Travian Scott, Esq

In-House Counsel

Lee Pigliavento

Office Manager/HR Coordinator

Paul Vidulich

IT Manager

Kevin Drucker

Hotel Team Manager

Ryan Budd

Marketing Manager

Tracy McPherson

Western Regional Account Manager

Keith Bowers

Central Regional Account Manager

Michael Adams

Southeast Regional Account Manager

Michael Moore, MBA

Mid-Atlantic Regional Account Manager

Adam Stern

Claims Support Manager

Casper Shuler

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Keith Hogan

Hotel Support Supervisor