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Temporary Housing Partners

Partnering With TA

Temporary Accommodations is the temporary housing partner you can trust. Since 1996 our team has built a reputation of integrity, transparency and commitment to personalized care.


Service Customization

Action Items

TA’s competitive pricing structure locked in.

TA conducts in-depth needs assessment and market analysis based upon historical data and stakeholder meetings.

TA develops and delivers insurer’s customized ALE program, including critical KPIs, market strategy, communications plan, training, etc.

Value to Insurer

Significant cost savings from negotiated fees and deeper discounts for hotels and long-term housing.

Custom, results-oriented strategy and implementation plan that will achieve insurer’s ALE related business goals and objectives.



Contract Finalized

Action Items

Single point of contact assigned and plan disseminated to the extended Temporary Accommodations team.

Insurer reporting requirements defined and configured.

Adjusters receive Elite Adjuster™ program information; accounts are created.

Value to Insurer

Personalized service with an extensive knowledgeable team (with 360° customer view) to provide a seamless experience for both Adjusters and Policyholders.

ClaimTrak™ program adds value by helping Adjusters become more efficient with:

Real time claim management and reporting

The ability to pre-set user preferences

Access to valuable tools, resources and special offers


Program Rollout

Action Items

TA rolls out the custom ALE strategy/plan to the insurer’s staff utilizing its national account team with deep, local market expertise.

TA provides online and offline training to help supplement insurer’s existing programs.

Value to Insurer

TA helps insurer streamline its ALE resources and processes resulting in less administrative time spent on claims.

TA’s efficient and effective roll out saves insurer money by greatly reducing the incidence of costly off-list claims and/or third-party influence.

TA helps insurer achieve ALE claim compliance thereby reducing risk and potential cost.


Program Maintenance

Action Items

Regular reporting distribution and monthly management meetings.

Ongoing Meet & Greets, training (CE Credits) and other regular communications, e.g., text messages, emails, etc. (as desired) are delivered.

Value to Insurer

Ongoing, quality communication at all levels including comprehensive reporting of results against plan ensures TA is consistently delivering on its promise to meet and exceed stringent cost, quality and service requirements set by insurer.