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Temporary Accommodations

Insurance Housing Services

Temporary Accommodations provides like, kind, and quality temporary housing services for insurance professionals in the property claims community. We locate temporary housing options and help manage additional living expenses (ALE housing budgets) during home insurance claims after fire, water, wind, storm damage or emergency evacuation. Our first notice-of-loss team is available to assist with insurance housing 24/7/365, weekends, nights, and holidays. Our dedication to customer service and process innovation makes us the first choice among temporary housing companies for property adjusters and insurers nationwide.

Adjuster Housing   

Field Adjusters and CAT Adjusters can take advantage of Temporary Accommodations hotel discount program and consolidated team billing when traveling on assignment or responding to a catastrophe.

Hotel Stays   

Within fifteen minutes of receiving an assignment, TA reaches out to displaced families to assess their immediate needs and book the most suitable hotel rooms on our credit cards to prevent out of pocket expenses for the policyholder.

Long-term Stays   

Our internal company database hosts tens of thousands of vetted short-term rental properties and our regional teams of temporary housing experts can quickly source additional options from local and national real-estate partners.

Rural Housing   

Travel Trailers, RV’s, and Onsite Mobile Housing options can be delivered to some loss sites in as little as 24 hours depending on city regulations. Our Rural Housing options are always clean and affordable.

Furniture Rentals   

Whenever temporary housing needs to be furnished, our team provides a range of custom furniture, houseware, appliance, and kitchenware package options for leases of any length of time.

Catastrophe Response   

Disasters are the driver of the insurance industry, and when serious catastrophes are imminent, team TA works proactively to help property insurers mitigate costs and decrease wait times for temporary housing after a storm.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Michelle Bonilla
We were displaced from our home due to water damage and TA helped us get through this very trying time. Our family of 2 toddlers, 2 teenagers and a dog needed a place to stay during the construction process. We live in a small town so it was almost impossible to find a rental nearby. Temporary Accommodations worked tirelessly to find us a home! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful people!

Christine R.
My TA Housing Coordinator, Jaimie Gibson, is an angel and more! My apartment is beautiful. Even the decor was spot on for my taste! My apartment has everything I could wish for in a living situation. I feel so safe and comfortable and during this stressful time that is so important. Her communication was warm and genuine. She has been extremely reliable; I know I can count on her. Her efforts and support have been much appreciated.
Internal Survey Response

Cannot say enough about this wonderful organization. My wife and I (along with our two cats) were displaced due to water damage in our home. We actually came home from a vacation to find that a pipe had burst while we were gone. TA took care of our hotel stay and then got us situated in long term housing. They also facilitated the furnishings and thought of everything we would need. We literally walked into to our temporary home and felt at home immediately. Our cats finally settled in after all the disruption, and we could get back to living normally until our house is ready for us to move back in. TA went above and beyond and kept us posted at every step of the way! Great people!

Lucinda Zamora-Wiley
Ashley has gone above and beyond her call of duty at TA, and we wanted to share with you that this employee has made Temporary Accommodations proud...she has lived the philosophy of caring for TA's customers, and she has taken exemplary care of us while we've been in her charge. I shared with Ashley last month that of all the frenzy and chaos that has come out of our homeless situation over the past several months, Ashley has been the ONE ray of sunlight in this long, gray storm. I have shed tears with Ashley, and she has loaned me a compassionate ear. She has not once forgotten that it is a genuine SERVICE she is providing to her clients. In short, Ashley has become a dear friend to us--even if we have never officially met in person.

Harold E.
During this time of crisis, there were many things occurring simultaneously. Having my living accommodations taken care of for me was a huge relief. I was happy with the location TA found for us to spend our next several months because it suited our needs so very well. The constant communication from TA really stood out during this time. Even when my insurance adjuster was not easily accessible, TA was always available.
Internal Survey Response

Tammie Lewis
My house burned down and this company made sure my family had all we needed to be comfortable during a one-year temp housing situation. They are pleasant and work behind the scenes to get done what needs to be done.

Shannon Craig
Rachel was literally such a life saver for me! I had previously been booked at an Extended Stay in the area that was less than satisfactory and she found me an incredible place to stay. She was very attentive to my concerns and gave me some remarkable options. While going through some extensive damage at home is never ideal, she truly made this process as painless as possible.

Vaughn Sands
My parents have been without their home due to a plumbing emergency in their home since before Thanksgiving. Dealing with home owners insurance, agents, renovation agents asbestos abatement teams has been daunting. I cannot say how grateful I am for the help of Temporary Accommodations. They have made this process almost bearable. Any issues that arose due to housing they were there to help address the issues immediately. They have been polite, professional, and incredibly helpful in all aspects. I highly recommend them!

Joy W.
TA is always on time and they get the job done. I live for consistency and honesty and they provided both. Thank you for everything, TA. It is very stressful going through a crisis but when you have good quality service it lessens the stress and anxiety.
Internal Survey Response

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